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Best Art Classes in Los Angeles

L.A.’s “Best” Art Classes

It is not by chance that Mission: Renaissance has repeatedly been named “L.A.’s Best Art Classes”, in fact what has long set us apart from other art classes is our proven, revolutionary method of instruction – The Gluck Method

Mission: Renaissance has been named “The Best” in publications ranging from L.A. Parent to L.A.’s Best of the Best (the Little Black Book).

Celebrating 40 Years!

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Although I’d been drawing for 30 years, I was self-taught. I’d studied all kinds of methods from books and was generally ok at drawing… or so I thought!

The basic Mission: Renaissance drawing course covered techniques and the methods that I would never have learned elsewhere; and having a wonderful teacher guiding me through the process was invaluable.

I now see things in my everyday life in a brand new way, and for once I feel I can actually draw. I am so grateful - Thank you!

Clive B.,   Adult Student

I love this studio. When I paint and draw in here, I find freedom. I love the feeling that I could get lots of help from my instructors whenever. It’s so fun drawing and I especially like drawing my duckling and seahorse.

I really want to thank the people who spent their time to build the studio, work in it and actually make kids happy about their drawing and art.

Most kids have a voice in art. Thanks for making our voice louder.

Jolie W.,   Age 10

Ever since I was a youngin, I have been set on becoming a nurse and following in the family footsteps, but two days ago, everything changed. I have decided to follow my dreams and pursue true happiness. I am officially changing my major to art.

I have been attending art classes at Mission: Renaissance ever since I was 5 years old and thanks to Larry’s method and the wonderful instruction of my art teachers I have been able to refine my artistry skills.

Art is my passion, my enjoyment, and my life. I am beyond thrilled to begin this new chapter in my life!

Rahmati,   Adult Student

I did not know it would feel so good to draw. When I start drawing I lose myself. I feel like that is where I belong. When I am doing art, I forget about my problems. All my friends have sports for a passion but mine is art. When I am doing art, I feel calm and I am so happy that I have this class to help me do something and get better at it, like my friends do with their sports.

I love art and always will. Art makes me feel normal and that is my success story.

Sydney R.,   Age 10

Drawing has always been a challenge in my life. When my mother told me she had enrolled me into art classes, at first I was actually a little bit scared. My first class here at Mission: Renaissance was just filled with relief. I realized how “fool proof” this program is, because honestly, I need the most “fool proof” class possible.

I feel so grateful that there is this course and such amazing, patient instructors to help me not get lost. I have seen major improvement not only physically, but mentally in my life towards art.

Chaney L.,   Age 13

I came to Mission: Renaissance because I couldn’t draw. I know that because of a negative comment made by 7th grade art teacher. It has stuck with me ever since, influencing how I viewed myself and my abilities.

I have already surpassed what I thought I would be able to achieve in a relatively short period of time. My highest satisfaction comes from the sincere compliments of my teachers and fellow students when they walk by and observe what I am working on.

Thank you, Larry Gluck and the fabulous teachers at Mission: Renaissance, for helping my hopes become a reality.

Margo E.,   Adult Student

I joined Mission: Renaissance to cope with the stress of my job. I work in the Financial Services industry, an industry that seems to get worse by the day.

Art has become my candle in a dark room. I`m so grateful to be in this course. I`m looking forward to even greater success.

Colleen.,   Adult Student


tab_imgAbout Mission: Renaissance

Founded by Larry and Sheila Gluck in 1975, today Mission: Renaissance comprises more than 20 studios across Southern California. Serving children, teens and adults for 40 years, Mission: Renaissance has long been recognized as the largest fine art program in the world.

Inspiration for the school’s name derives from the popular 1960’s television series, Mission: Impossible, Larry and Sheila’s mission being the creation of a Renaissance in fine art instruction. While seemingly impossible, their mission is truly being achieved.

But to fully appreciate Mission: Renaissance, one must view it against the greater backdrop of fine art training today. In other words, one must understand what sets it apart from every other art schools and colleges.



tab_img2About Larry Gluck

Perhaps no one has enabled so many to acquire artistic talent as has Larry Gluck. His breakthroughs in fine art training have led to success and artistic fulfillment for countless thousands, of all ages and from walks of life.

Born April 9,1931 in New York, Larry studied under the tutelage of a fine portrait artist, Giuseppe Trotta, an old schoolmate of Picasso himself. He next attended one of the Nation’s “most prestigious” art schools, believing he would receive the necessary instruction to succeed as a representational painter.

But art training institutions had abandoned the time-honored traditions of fine art, the very art that had pervaded civilization and inspired culture for thousands of years. Abstract, modern art was all the rage and “real-life” representational painting was deemed obsolete.



tab_img2About The Gluck Method

The Gluck Method is a step-by-step process of fine art instruction developed over the course of a quarter century by world-renowned artist and educator Larry Gluck. Using his method, tens of thousands who were previously unable to draw or paint have brought their dreams to life and can express themselves as artists.

Remember when you first learned to ride a bicycle? It looked almost impossible – how were you supposed to balance on those two thin wheels? Yet your friends made it look so easy.

Producing beautiful works of art can also appear almost impossible at first. True, the gifted few make it look easy, but what about the rest of us, those who weren’t “born” with talent?



tab_img2What is Talent?

Are you one of the millions of people who once had a desire to create? Did you once have a dream of artistic success? Have you ever wanted to act, write, draw, paint, sculpt, dance or sing? Did you play a musical instrument as a child and then give it up? What Happened?

Perhaps, like countless others you though you lacked the natural talent needed to succeed as an artist.

Written for anyone who has ever dreamed of artistic success, this book has a simple message: It’s never too late, the creative urge never dies, and you can still have a personal renaissance.



tab_img2The Importance of Art

Some may look upon art education as an ancillary activity or a fun hobby to pass the time. But, if you take a moment and look closely at the world around you, it becomes abundantly clear just how important the artist is in our society.

The science fiction writers of the nineteen twenties and thirties, artists all of them, wrote about spaceships, rockets and the like before scientists began to develop ways to actually accomplish space flight. Leonardo da Vinci dreamed of machines that flew. H.G. Wells saw a future that seemed pure fantasy to those who lived in his time.

Artists dream first and then express their visions through their art forms. Only then do practitioners of the material universe who believe in the artist’s vision begin to establish ways to make these dreams realities for us all.

Artists are the real inventors of civilizations. They write the scripts and create the sets that enable us to play at life. Artists are precious resources and should be treated as such.



tab_img2Art as a Career

We have all heard of the “starving artist”, but did you know that the fundamental skills learned in the arts are vital skills necessary in today’s work-a-day world?

From Architects to Web Designers, Animators to Photo-Retouchers, knowing how to draw and paint well are critical elements in succeeding in their fields.

Perhaps that is why Mission: Renaissance is recommended by Disney to artists and animators. In fact, some of today’s top animators from Disney, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network and the like are Mission: Renaissance Alumni.

Here is a list of over 200 career paths where the type of art education received at Mission: Renaissance would be essential.