Anyone can, so can you!

Our name says it all – our Mission is a Renaissance in the Arts.

At all of our art studios throughout Southern California, we teach the same traditional fundamentals used by the Great Masters, but in a dramatically new and effective way.

Refined over three decades, we have established a proven, step-by-step art instruction method, called The Gluck Method, whereby anyone of any age can learn to draw and paint beautifully. We break down the classic techniques of the Great Masters, and convey them to our students with an exact approach. The results speak for themselves – our students routinely realize their aims in creating works of fine art of which they can be proud.

Because of the success of our unique teaching method, we have become recognized as The World’s Largest Fine Art Program for children, teens and adults. Our record over the past 35 years in teaching tens of thousands of students is unsurpassed, in terms of the achievements our students have enjoyed in learning how to draw and paint.

The benefits of fine art instruction are well known: better concentration, higher self-esteem, better focus, higher grades in school, not to mention the life-long gains in terms of perspective and appreciation. This has been documented in study after study by institutes such as the NEA, The Department of Education, Americans for the Arts, the Arts Education Network, and more.

As schools and state budgets have turned their backs on these necessary benefits for our children, it is vital that we make up the difference and infuse our children with an appreciation and understanding of fine art. And we are not shy about declaring our passion for art instruction, that we are in fact on a mission to bring a modern-day Renaissance to our culture. It is a matter of personal enrichment and well-being.

Remember also: It’s not just about learning a new way to see, it's about knowing exactly how to capture what one sees or envisions on a canvas and the ability to draw and paint it with certainty and control. And that requires the exact skills taught exclusively in our art studios by our highly trained art instructors.

Even if you have tried another art studio or art school in the past, or if your desire to learn how to draw or learn how to paint has been blunted by past failures, we are here to tell you – and show you – that you can in fact succeed in our fine art classes. The only missing ingredient you need is The Gluck Method – a way to break down each step and technique, so that you can actually achieve your artistic dreams.

Don’t be fooled by imitations, because while most of the children’s art studios throughout the western United States were founded by former students and instructors taught in The Gluck Method, substitutes can not suffice. Other methods water down the workability of our unique approach, and like a color mixed too thin, it loses its vibrancy. So too with art instruction.

We offer a free introductory art lesson at any of our studios, and welcome new students every day who, perhaps like you, are taking their first step toward attaining their goals as an artist.

We have separate art classes for children, teens and adults, as well as a wide range of class times and schedules.

Click to find a location near you – your Renaissance awaits!

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