Art Classes For Teens

Art Classes for Teens that fit any schedule!

Teens Art ClassesAt Mission: Renaissance all the skills needed to create beautiful drawings and paintings await you – skills that lead to a lifetime of artistic creativity.

Our revolutionary method of instruction and expert personal coaching allows you to make definitive progress in every class.

Your Masters training begins on Larry Gluck's Basic Line Drawing Course where you'll learn to master the basics of sketching and gain the ability to draw anything with complete certainty and control.

Once you've built a solid drawing foundation, your next step is learning how to create life-like illusions of depth and form with Larry's Basic Tone Drawing Course.

By now your view of the world begins to change - you'll look upon the world through the eyes of an artist and your drawings and creativity will literally come alive.

Art Classes for TeensWith all of your new drawing skills well in hand, your apprenticeship continues and it's time to move you ahead and get you working with oil paint, brushes, and canvas.

The fundamentals of oil painting are found in The Beginning Painting Course, where you'll gain a complete knowledge of the materials used in painting and how to use them. You'll be in awe of how fun and easy painting in oils can be.

It's time to broaden your painting vocabulary. By completing Larry Gluck's Basic Color Course and Basic Painting Course you'll not only know the difference between an American and European palette, you'll know how to mix every variation of color imaginable and how to create incredible paintings using them. Your friends and family will think you are Awesome! And you will be amazed too!

Your final step to painting like a Master is now at hand. Larry's Intermediate Painting Course unlocks the secrets of the great painters of the past. You'll learn techniques used by Monet, Manet, Cezanne', Rembrandt and more, and they'll be yours to use at will. With these techniques at your beck and call, you'll be able to create your own original paintings in whatever style you choose. Your individual creativity will soar and everything that you have learned is applicable to all the current technology and software that have permeated our daily lives.

Never before has it been so easy to become a fine artist. Larry's courses are your road map to success and the instructors are your guides. If you ever wanted to learn to draw and paint, well now's your chance. All you need to do is take the first step - schedule to attend a one hour Free Introductory Lesson at a Mission: Renaissance studio near you.

You can contact one of our registrars by calling us toll-free at 1-800-430-4278 or by using our on-line contact form.


Free Introductory Art Lesson for Teens

Watch the art lessons on below and learn how to draw by following along with the world's leading fine art instructor, Larry Gluck.

Free Intro Art Class for Kids/Teens/Adults
Art Classes For Kids, Teens And Adults
Kids Art ClassesArt Classes For Kids
Students learn the techniques used by great master painters of the past, such as: Monet, Manet, Cezanne', Rembrandt and more.
Teens Art ClassesArt Classes For Teens
We have designed a program specifically for teens to fit their busy school and social schedule. We can also help any teen prepare their portfolio for college submission.
Art Classes for AdultsArt Classes For Adults
The adventure begins on Larry Gluck's Basic Line Drawing Course. You'll learn to master the basics of sketching and how to draw anything with complete certainty and control.
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